Thursday, September 14, 2006

Labor Day...Delayed

Well I am a little behind on blogging right now as September has just been a blur with youth activities and more, so let me start getting caught up by sharing a bit from our trip home for Labor Day. The main reason we went home was to celebrate the 100th anniversary at Main St. Wesleyan Church (the first church I worked in), but we got to visit family and friends as well. Our first stop for the weekend, after driving all night Friday night was home in Frankfort. After a couple quick hours of sleep it was off to grandma's to go through stuff (which was VERY tough, but all a part of coping) and then to the International Sunflower festival. Now for those of you that know my home town, Frankfort is a very small town and honestly there isn't anything "international" or "sunflower" about it, but every other little town has a fall festival so Frankfort has to have its as well. It was cool though as my niece was in the baby competition and took home second place (although I think she should have won). Here is a pic of here with dad and the trophy, although she doesn't look really happy in this picture...

She looks a little bit happier here with Meg and mom...She really is growing up quickly and at times it is tough not being able to be around her, but it is so good to see her when we can!

One of the highlights of the sunflower festival for me though was getting to see my first grade teacher. There are only a few teachers who I count with having a significant impact on my life and Mrs. Case is one of them. She was the first teacher to set a Christlike example for all of her students and she was always available even when I got older. I am a bit bigger now than I was in those days, but it was great to see her!

It was a great weekend and this was just the start of it. I'll put up more pictures with the next post.

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