Thursday, September 14, 2006

Amusement Parks

A little side note before I post the next batch of Labor Day pictures...We took the teens to Rock the Universe this weekend, which I'll blog about soon, but here is a blog I posted on my weightloss blog about amusement parks...

If there is anything that is tough for me being overweight it is not being able to ride roller coasters like I want to. Since I have gotten bigger I cannot ride some of the newer ones as well as some old favorites. This is really frustrating, at times embarrassing, and can make you want to eat more at times. BUT...This weekend we took the teens to Rock the Universe at Universal Studios Orlando and I am closer than ever to being able to ride again! I still couldn't get the buckle fastened on the Hulk or Dueling Dragons, but Meg and the teens pointed out that I was closer this year than last...Which is a good thing. I am walking my next 5k this weekend and it is a military sponsored one so I will get to hear the cadences to cheer me on! The battle continues, but I will not quit!

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