Thursday, March 26, 2009

a month without TV

As I mentioned previously I gave up TV for Lent, which is a first for me. Television has always been a part of my life, sometimes TOO MUCH a part of my life, and I am now going on one month without it. The only exceptions that I have made were for the Presidential press conference the other night as well as the weekly couple of hours on Sunday which is allowed during Lent.

I have found that now each night it is getting harder and harder to live without it unless I have a busy night. This shows me even more that I have allowed it to become too much of a priority in my life. However, this has also been a benefit because this constant tension is reminding me daily of what IS most important in my life, my relationship with the Lord and with Megan.

So what will happen after Lent? I will be glad when Easter Sunday comes so I can watch TV again-it has been hard not to watch American Idol and other shows, but I don't think I'll watch as much. I am going to try and limit my time as well as keep busy with other things in the house so I don't repeat the cycle that ended on Ash Wednesday. It won't be easy though, so please pray for me. I grew up in a home where TV was just a part of life and I used TV as a way to stay up on pop culture, so believe me when I say this is a HUGE lifestyle adjustment for me.

That's the latest!

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Anonymous said...

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