Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Weekly Idol Rant...

Anyone else think Idol is just losing its flair? I was not that impressed last night and we are just a couple of weeks out from the finale. I just find myself wishing it would get to the end because it just seems to be the same. Same comments, same performances, same outcome.

With that said...Sayesha is starting to win me over. For the third week in a row I thought she had 2 great performances, but it is probably too little too late. Again Cook was awesome (but a little weaker this week), Archuleta was "boy," and Castro messed up. I hope they send Castro packing this week, but with his "looks" it will probably be Sayesha and heaven forbid David Cook. It all depends on who voted. If all the tweens blew up the phone lines and text messages who knows. I guess we'll know at 9 EST tonight.

McKee- OUT!

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