Friday, May 02, 2008

Weekly Idol Rant...

Finally we got rid of Brooke, the way things are going Sayesha will probably be next. I am pretty much running out of things to say since the competition is almost over, but I am still picking David Cook to win it. I again thought he nailed it the other night, and the other David ruined "America." I have decided that the reason I don't like Archuleta, but probably the reason he is going so far is that he is too "boy." What I mean by that is that is almost too Jonas Brothers, too poppy and just kind of show choirish...he puts me in the mind of Alfonso Ribiero's "Carlton" character from the Fresh Prince of Bell-Aire. He's just a dork I am afraid, but I guess he can sing. He may make it to the finals.


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Kendra said...

You just summed up David Archuletta perfectly. How funny is that! He's not our favorite either. I don't get what people are seeing in him. He's talented, but not really what you'd expect in the winner. I guess we'll see! I'm expecting David Cook to win as well.