Friday, December 12, 2008

Weight Loss update...

Well I am weighing in at 360 which is only 2 pounds lighter than the last time I posted about weight loss, but I am encouraged. I haven't gained through the holidays and I am starting to exercise more.

I finally figured out how to trick y Wii Fit into working even though I am overweight for it, so that will GREATLY enhance my workouts. I am doing it about 45 minutes each day and to say that it is kicking my butt would be an understatement. I like all the aspects of it, and the cool down of yoga is the craziest part. It is MUCH more difficult than I thought, and its kind of funny...a fat man doing yoga. But it does help to cool down with it.

So who knows what's next...the game actually takes your character and makes it realistic, so needless to say my Mii is now "obese" and looks shall we say a little more realistic...just wish the game didn't say...YOU'RE OBESE!!!

Day by day, one step at a time. That's all for now!


angie leverence said...

Congratulations Matt, 2 lbs. is a big deal. Dan and I are going to get back to eating healthy right after the big 25th. I lost 100 lbs. on Weight Watchers, and slowly put most if it back on. What a challenge it is to keep it off. Just remember every little bit off gives you a little more health, and control of your life (in that aspect anyway!)

You're inspiring us....keep it up!


Way to go.

Roogles said...

Hey dude,
Email me the trick to fooking the wii-fit.

Jenn uses it a lot and loves it, but I haven't been on the thing for fear of crushing it.