Tuesday, August 19, 2008

weight loss battle-an update

So it has been some time since I posted any kind of update about my weight loss struggles. Needless to say, I have gotten a bit off track with the craziness of summer and life in general. I hadn't paid too much attention until a business professional in the community referred to me as "big-un" since he forgot my name. Now I know that is a term of endearment here in southern Ohio and I just shrugged it off, but it did bother me a bit so I jumped on the scale the next morning...the judgement 365. I have gained back almost all that I have lost over the last 2 1/2 years. I need to get back on track.

To top it all off, I finally took the time to hook the Wii up and try my new Wii fit that I got for my birthday-only to find that I am TOO HEAVY for it. It really does wonders for your thoughts when a game you want to use to help you lose weight tells you that you have to lose 35 pounds before you can even play it. Way to go Nintendo! I have loved the Wii until now and was really excited about the Wii fit, but now I can't use it which is frustrating.

It just gets a little frustrating-there is all the talk about everyone being overweight and all of that, yet it seems that most of the stuff that helps you can't use if you are overweight. Seems like a bit of a double standard to me.

Okay so enough ranting-I'm back to trying again. I am hoping to start walking in the evenings since I struggle with mornings, and I am keeping track of calories and what I eat again, and maybe, just maybe I can get back on track.

Gotta love the up and down! The battle continues...


Robert Stinnett said...

Hey Matt, I stumbled upon your post. I just wanted to say don't get discouraged and just take small steps. I know what you are going through -- I go through the same thing, but by making small changes over time I am seeing results.

Simple things like parking at the very end of the parking lot to get in some walking; or switching tea (unsweetened or using Splenda, etc) out for soda, etc.

If you like sweets (and who doesn't?) try substituting the oil in cookies and such with apple sauce; use egg substitute instead of real eggs; etc.

But, most importantly, get some exercise. A 15 minute walk can lead to a whole new life!

Anonymous said...

try the Wii fit anyways...just step gingerly onto the Balance board the first time. i am over the weight limit but i use it anyways. :)