Friday, December 14, 2007

Wii like to play!

Once I purchased a Play Station 2 a few years back, I swore off Nintendo forever. I didn't need Mario, because Crash Bandicoot was just as entertaining and as much of a platform game as any Mario title out there. Well I sold the PS2 earlier this year since I didn't play it anymore and thought I was done with gaming except for at the church in the game room. That was until I had the chance to play the Wii at NYC this summer. From the first go around I realized how fun it could be...and how out of shape I was since it definitely requires physical activity to play it. So with all that said...Meg and I are now proud owners of a Nintendo Wii!

So here's to having a lot of fun with it...any maybe losing a few pounds getting some exercise playing. (I really think this was a BRILLIANT move on the part of Nintendo making a system that requires you to exercise to play it. If you are looking for a system that is family friendly (most of the games are rated for younger families) and that gets you going instead of just sitting I would recommend getting one (as soon as you can find one-we got lucky)