Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weekly Idol Rant-4/23

Well it has been a couple of weeks since I have officially commented on idol, but now it is back to the grind and time to share what's on my mind (small as it is) about Idol, so here goes...

The "Idol Gives Back" 2 day special was pretty decent. I could have done without the Celine Dion/Elvis Presley duet, but most of the other performances were pretty good. Of course I'll have to admit being the U2 fan that I am that anything that Bono backs is cool with me...I just wish he had sung along with the contestants.

Speaking of the contestants, it is getting more and more difficult to predict who will go home. I was pleased that they opted not to send anyone home tonight. All of the performances were great, but my guess is that Chris Richardson would have gone tonight and that would have been okay with me because his voice just doesn't wow me. It will be a tough pick though as they all did a GREAT job last night on the inspirational songs. I am still hoping that Melinda will take it home, but there sure is a lot of buzz around Jordin. I like her don't get me wrong, but I would still pick Melinda over Jordin.

On another note, I am glad that Idol chose to take a stand against poverty, but I'll have to admit, I felt a little convicted. I am so blessed and I forget how much I take for granted everything God has blessed us with. Another thing that sort of frustrates me is that we have to have Hollywood setting the standard for making a difference in the world in the area of fighting poverty and AIDS in Africa. It is great what they are doing, but I just get frustrated that the church is not doing more. I think sometimes we miss the boat and we focus so much inward as churches and we miss what being a Christ follower is all about and that is serving others. I know I was challenged. I need to do more and I am praying that God will show me how I can play my part in helping to make a difference beyond the four walls of my church. I did call as many times as I could last night since they were making donations...does that count?

Well that's my rant for this week. Next week I predict Chris will go, but we'll see what happens...until then (in the words of Ryan Seacrest)...McKee OUT!

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Kendra said...

Amen! There's a good sermon topic for you. I was thinking that very thing as I watched the other night. And I kept expecting Bono to join them on stage, so when the song ended and he wasn't out there, I was also disappointed. And having grown up in a household where Elvis was the end-all be-all musician of all time (my phone rings an Elvis tune when my dad calls, and he and I danced to Elvis at my wedding reception), I thought the Elvis/Celine thing was so, so cool even if it wasn't her greatest performance. I'll be praying for you this weekend. It's a big weekend for you. I'm proud of you dear friend!